Protect, Validate and Verify Information for Health
Plan Members

Increase integrity of new enrollments, protect member data, enhance compliance and reduce fraud.

Member Identity Intelligence

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Member identity intelligence is critical in today’s evolving healthcare environment.

Data must be current, so members can be easily authenticated, both through online portals and in-person.

Accelerate identity verifications

Integrates easily with existing business processes and can be customized to fit your workflow.

Keep track of claimant accounts

Get notified whenever a new telephone, address or bankruptcy filing occurs.

Protect against identity fraud

Swiftly confirm that your members and providers are who they claim to be.

Authenticate members and providers

Enhance member portal security by authenticating a user through at least two independent elements.

Ensure compliance with federal regulations

LexisNexis does not use, keep or transmit any HIPAA-related data.

Investigate claims, members and providers

LexisNexis draws on over 10,000 sources of records to protect against fraud, waste and abuse.

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