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Verify and augment provider files and visualize affiliations, while improving your workflow.

Provider Data Management and Services

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Providers and clinicians are at the heart of the healthcare ecosystem.

As a result, healthcare plans need access to current, comprehensive and accurate information for those responsible for treating their members. From sanction data, to accurate contact information to affiliations, provider data feeds critical work streams that impact cost, quality and access.

Ensure the integrity of your provider data

View comprehensive provider demographic information with thorough record validation and proactive monitoring.

Maintain directory accuracy

Keep published directories up to date and be responsive to federal and state regulatory attestation mandates.

Standardize, cleanse and augment provider information

Process claims more easily and efficiently.

Extract insights from vast stores of data

Answer critical questions, uncover opportunities for cost savings, and improve efficiency and compliance.

Identify high-impact practitioners and facilities

Focus marketing, sales, segmentation and outreach strategies.

See data of 8.5M healthcare practitioners and 1M organizations

Gain visibility into provider relationships across IDNs, ACOs and systems.

Get real-time access to provider information

Quickly validate new providers, healthcare organizations and affiliations to help claim/service operations.

Receive reliable point-in-time provider data

Work more efficiently with the latest information for more than 8.5 million healthcare providers.

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