AI Exploit and Threat Landscape Cybersecurity Guide

by Jane Doe Smith, Data Analyst Specialist, LexisNexis

AI Exploit and Threat Landscape Cybersecurity Guide

Mitigate artificial intelligence and generative AI cyber threats and identity fraud risk
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Don’t be fooled — cyber-attacks and identity fraud come in many forms. In a world of deepfakes and voice cloning, how can your agency be sure people are who they say they are?

Variants of artificial intelligence (AI) models are designed for malevolent purposes and facilitate cybercriminal activities. These tools can create highly convincing phishing emails, generate malicious code, and conduct other illegal activities that put your agency at risk. 

Your agency could be vulnerable to identity fraud and at risk of a major cyber breach if you’re not up to speed with the latest exploits and threats enabled by AI and generative AI (Gen AI).

In this guide, we explore the latest AI and Gen AI exploits and threats. We also reveal the methods your agency can use to expose various types of fraud and the tools you can use to mitigate the risk.  

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