The Escalating Threats Facing Government Agencies

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Managing Risks In a ChatGPT/Artificial intelligence (AI)-Enabled Fraud Threat Environment

Citizen interactions should be positive with government agencies. In today’s reality, transnational cybercriminals prey on agencies and inexperienced digital users with escalating ChatGPT and AI-enabled threats looking for vulnerabilities and opportunities. 

As we face evolving threats, such as AI, ChatGPT and Deepfakes, creating the 360-degree view of a constituent’s identity that combines dynamic attributes like behavioral biometrics with traditional identity verification elements is more critical than ever. 

This webinar addresses:

  • Escalating global threat vectors attacking government agencies such as ChatGPT and AI.
  • The true impact that fraud and threat vectors have on agencies and constituents.
  • Hidden areas of risk in operations and citizen interactions.
  • Gaps in your service journey where risk is most prevalent.
  • Solutions leveraging non-public personal identifiable information (PII) to remedy risk while optimizing experience.


Linda Miller is a nationally recognized subject matter expert and thought leader in fraud prevention and detection with over 16 years of experience. She is the CEO of Audient Group, LLC, a services firm specializing in antifraud solutions for commercial and government clients.

Amy Crawford, Director, Fraud & Identity Strategy, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Government division focused on developing technology, fraud prevention and detection, and investigations solutions for customers in the Federal, state, and local public sectors.

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