5 Ways to Spot a Leading Behavioral Biometrics Solution

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by Jane Doe Smith, Data Analyst Specialist, LexisNexis

5 Ways to Spot a Leading Behavioral Biometrics Solution

Leverage best-in-class behavioral biometrics technology to provide a seamless experience to genuine users, actively identify threats and confidently protect your customers.
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LexisNexis® BehavioSec® leverages superior behavioral biometrics insights to accurately trust genuine users, actively detect threats, provide a seamless experience, and confidently protect agencies and participants. 

Behavioral biometrics evaluates characteristics of human-device interactions to identify unique activity patterns such as mouse movements, typing rhythm, touch and swipe gestures, or the way an individual holds a device. These activities can be markedly different across various groups of users and can prove to be an effective way of differentiating between trusted and high-risk behavior, as well as human and non-human traffic.

Unleash the power of device, digital identity and superior behavioral intelligence.

Combined with the intelligence of LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® for Government, LexisNexis® BehavioSec® helps your agency prove trust in users and transactions, protect your agency and end users from fraud losses, and improve overall experience. BehavioSec leverages data from behavioral biometrics and combines it with insights from Threatmetrix to help meet mission critical identity management efforts.

Download our infographic to discover five key ways BehavioSec is a leading behavioral biometrics solution that can help your agency gain critical identity insights.


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