Visualize the Future of Traffic Safety

Improving data sophistication can help law enforcement agencies save more lives.

 With the ongoing increase in traffic fatalities1, law enforcement agencies are facing two choices:


Data silo

  Continue working in silos with fragmented data, shrouding their ability to quickly see when, where and why traffic accidents are occurring. By doing so, they can be stuck in a reactive mode, unable to plan strategically for the reduction of accidents and fatalities. 
 Proactive preventative   Mindfully improve their level of data sophistication. Data sophistication is simply the ongoing automation of unstructured data. By increasing this automation, agencies are able to evolve from a reactive safety strategy to a proactive, and even preventive strategy. This approach makes it easier for the agency to integrate and transform data into insights that address real-world issues. Those data-driven agency decisions can then be used to save more lives—in communities and on roadways. 


LexisNexis® Coplogic™ Solutions helps agencies harness the power of crash data and advanced analytics to reduce risk and save more lives on our nation’s roadways.

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