Data and the Future of Fraud Prevention

Technology, Data and the Future of Fraud Prevention

How can organizations take advantage of new and evolving technology and digital workflows safely, while also mitigating the risk of fraud compromising those same workflows?
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The Future of Fraud Prevention
New and evolving technology is profoundly impacting fraud and identity smart practices. In malicious hands, technology enabled tools and capabilities can increase the risk of more powerful, sophisticated and effective attacks.

To mitigate risk and uncertainty, forward-thinking organizations refine fraud defenses with emerging technology and data complementary to financial transactions. Organizations can better protect consumers by increasing the depth, breadth and diversity of data available at key decision points between businesses and consumers.
Download the ebook “Technology, Multi-Dimensional Data and the Future of Fraud Prevention” to learn:

  • How multi-dimensional data strengthens fraud controls
  • Why behavioral intelligence is harder to replicate
  • Why identity-linking capabilities help build an even stronger defense
  • How to better prepare for the malicious use of generative AI
  • How increased regulation in the use of consumer information and AI is on the horizon
  • Which criteria to apply when choosing an integrated solution
For more in-depth insights about proactive fraud mitigation, download the Global State of Fraud and Identity report.

Download the Technology, Multi-Dimensional Data and the Future of Fraud Prevention Ebook

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