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LexisNexis® Emailage® Helps Global Ecommerce Improve Fraud Detection

LexisNexis Emailage Global Ecommerce Merchant Fraud Mitigation Case Study

This case study is an in-depth look at how a global ecommerce merchant used LexisNexis® Emailage® to identify a majority of their fraud in over 100 countries, both online and in retail stores. The merchant desired a solution that easily integrated, required a minimal amount of data, achieved results immediately and could be scaled for increased ecommerce sales.

The global merchant selected LexisNexis® Emailage® based on the following criteria:

  • Fraud prevention results using non-sensitive data
  • Global coverage
  • Customizable transaction segmentation
  • Multiple methods of integration

Key objectives included: expedited approval of legitimate transactions, lower manual review rates and overall reduction of fraud losses. Because the merchant operates globally, finding a solution that worked across channels was imperative.

Download the case study to find out how the global ecommerce company improved fraud detection, reduced manual review to 1% and cut down on costs by leveraging LexisNexis® Emailage®.

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