Lehigh Valley Health Network Innovates Strategic Planning in Healthcare with LexisNexis® MarketView™

See how a strategic plan for better healthcare was strengthened with augmented data.

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Meeting the demands and challenges of the pandemic by using market insights to inform strategy and achieve business objectives.

strategic planning in healthcareAs a major healthcare provider in the eastern Pennsylvania area, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) provides comprehensive care to patients within 95 clinical specialties. When the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact individuals and business across the U.S. in 2020, LVHN realized they would need new data insights and strategic planning initiatives to face these new challenges.

Strategic planning in healthcare can benefit greatly from knowing where patient referrals come from, which physicians to engage with for network optimization and more. LVHN quickly recognized the need to be able to answer these questions and understood the potential of incorporating fresh data into their organizational strategy for improvement and expansion. To achieve these goals would require gaining access to a larger pool of medical claims in the regions they serve rather than relying only on their limited internal claims. And of course, once that data is gathered, it must be integrated into existing workflows order to have a positive effect on strategic decision making.

To bolster their strategic plan, LVHN chose LexisNexis® MarketView™ to power their planning objectives and physician outreach activities. MarketView is driven by more than 2 billion de-identified medical claims annually and it provided LVHN with comprehensive practitioner and organizational claims data and analytics. It offers an unbiased view of physician performance and can help identify referral networks that drive care within a local healthcare market. This strategic information can hold great value for providers wanting to effectively reach out to physicians in the area and for enhancing overall strategy to utilize newly acquired service areas or healthcare facilities.

"We gained a new advantage with LexisNexis Risk Solutions -- we gained insights from a market that was new to us. Understanding the competitive landscape allowed us to identify opportunities for growth while mitigating potential risk. That was incredibly valuable."

-Allen Boxbaum, Vice President of Operations, Lehigh Valley Health Network

Healthcare providers know their own facilities and services well since they work through operational and strategic planning processes to optimize them and to implement new practices to better meet the needs of their patients. But do they know whether there are communities they aren't serving that would provide a good opportunity for expansion and do they have the capacity to identify them? What strategic planning in healthcareabout the distribution of health plans providing coverage in their area? Providers rarely have the resources to see these types of broader patterns and opportunities. Often, claims data external to a provider network can help fill in the gaps to allow for more informed strategic planning that can provide that needed edge in the healthcare marketplace.

Read more about all of the areas LVHN was able to optimize their planning efforts using new data insights from MarketView. It has been able to provide them with information that they previously could not access or analyze. Download our white paper “Lehigh Valley Health Network Innovates Strategic Planning in Healthcare with LexisNexis® MarketView™.”

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strategic planning in healthcare
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