Get to know your subsequent
vehicle owners with LexisNexis®

Owner Check

A new car for them means a new relationship for you. Introduce yourself and the benefits of your brand. 

Gain access to subsequent vehicle owners and unlock new opportunities

To help automakers better connect with subsequent vehicle owners, we created LexisNexis Owner Check.

LexisNexis Owner Check offers a single, consolidated view with the most accurate, complete and comprehensive data associated with the vehicle owner, helping to ensure automakers have the most actionable and up-to-date customer records in their database for ongoing engagement and retention opportunities.

Learn how LexisNexis Owner Check provides a clear line of sight into your vehicle ownership changes. Please complete the form to schedule your personalized opportunity assessment. We can accurately identify vehicle owner changes within a matter of days, not months, to help ensure your customer data is current.

You can also download our LexisNexis® Owner Check infographic to learn more about our service. 
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