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by Jane Doe Smith, Data Analyst Specialist, LexisNexis

Professional Services from LexisNexis® Coplogic™ Solutions

Optimize your statewide crash data to help save more lives with a custom-built data repository.
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Professional Services Group: Simplified, Streamlined Crash Data and Analytics

Help your state save more lives with a centralized repository of statewide crash data that’s accurate, complete and timely

Optimize insights, resources and revenue by bridging critical data gaps between states and local municipalities.

To help law enforcement agencies make data-driven decisions that can save more lives in their communities, the Professional Services Group from LexisNexis Coplogic Solutions offers custom-built statewide crash data repositories that enable digital submission and sharing of crash reports with other agencies across their state. Agencies get quick access to advanced analytics through a one-stop database of accurate, complete and timely data that can be conveniently accessed and leveraged by both state and local agencies, plus a faster, more efficient reporting process that can generate new agency revenue, instead of depleting budgets and resources. 

Professional services group simplify  Simplify crash management by electronically collecting, validating, storing
and sharing reports with local, state and federal partners
 Professional services group support Support compliance with Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria
(MMUCC) data standards
 Professional Services Group visualize collision Visualize collision trends and provide targeted data and statistics with
heat maps and charts via easy-to-understand dashboards
included with the solution
 Professional services group generate Generate revenue from collision report sales,an optional e-commerce feature
 Professional services group integrate icon Easily integrate with existing records management systems and software
 Professional Services Group ensure Ensure a seamless user experience for all agencies and third-parties
submitting, sharing and querying the crash data
Watch our video. Discover how to save more lives with a centralized repository.

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