Access unique consumer and vehicle insights across the value chain.

Access unique consumer and vehicle insights across the value chain.

Tune in to your customers at every turn.
See advanced data drive a smoother road ahead.

The automotive value chain is evolving at a fast pace. Automakers are under pressure to become more customer-centric and to offer digital services – a radical departure from manufacturing cars and delivering them through an authorized dealer. To remain competitive, Automotive OEMs need to reinvent their organizations. They need to adopt and master digital technologies to deliver personalized services and drive lifelong customer loyalty. But first, they need to have the right data in place about their customers and their vehicles.
We deliver trusted data solutions that enable automakers to improve their data ecosystem, helping to reduce complexity and friction, so they can maximize productivity and, ultimately, profitability - while enhancing their value chain. We provide unique consumer insights to help them better understand their vehicle owners, drive valuable client engagement, and improve safety and compliance processes. 

As a global leader in data and analytics, LexisNexis Risk Solutions can help automakers discover new, data-driven opportunities resulting in a much smoother journey for everyone.

Watch the video below to learn how we can help automakers tune into their customers at every turn. 

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