Make confident lending decisions with full liens and judgments insight

Data on Tax Liens and Civil Judgments is No Longer Included in Credit Reports

Are you making mortgage lending decisions with incomplete consumer intelligence?   Find out more. 

Improve Credit Risk Assessment with Liens & Judgments Data


Improve Credit Risk Assessment with Robust Liens and Judgments Data

Current estimates are that about 6% of U.S. consumers have an outstanding lien or judgment against their record1, but data on tax liens and civil judgments is no longer included in credit reports from all three major bureaus. Incomplete consumer perspective exposes your business to mortgage fraud risk and negatively impacts the efficiency and profitability of your entire lending cycle. With the current data deficit, how can you make informed lending decisions and comply with investor requirements?

This webinar presentation explores alternative sources of FCRA-ready liens and judgments intelligence that deliver comprehensive consumer risk perspective to help you.

  • Validate key loan application data
  • Conduct a true Ability to Repay analysis
  • Ensure applicable debts are identified and paid at/prior to closing
  • Avoid exposure to fraud
Learn how lenders are currently utilizing new sources of liens and judgments coverage to close the gap left by incomplete credit information, avoid mortgage fraud and support more confident, well-informed decisions.
1 . LexisNexis Research, 2019.   

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