Digital Wallet Transaction

Digital Wallet Trends Revealed

Forrester study highlights key trends and recommendations as the digital wallet trend gains momentum and transforms online shopping. 

The Coming Digital Wallet Boom


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Understand the Digital Wallet Landscape

Forrester study examines rapid adoption of digital wallets.

Digital Wallet Transaction

What is a Digital Wallet? A software-based system that securely stores users’ payment information and digital credentials for many payment methods, credential issuers and websites in one location such as a mobile phone app that can be used online or in a retail store are gaining popularity. Businesses and consumers want digital wallets more than ever. Advances in contactless technology are quickly turning demand into reality. However, barriers remain. Criminals are adapting their methods – looking for new ways to steal. Without trust in the system and effective countermeasures, widescale adoption is hampered and fraud is a constant threat.

Despite these barriers, you need to meet digital wallet expectations to remain competitive. The next year will be critical. Smart decisions can make a big difference. Understand the issues, the solutions and the pitfalls as we make the shift to digital wallets. Download the thought leadership paper, The Coming Digital Wallet Boom, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, October 2022, for an in-depth look at the coming landscape, consumer expectations and business considerations.

Understand Privacy and Tech Issues

Businesses and customers are ready for digital wallet solutions. Fraud and privacy concerns are holding them back. Failure to overcome these hurdles could mean loss of revenue, unhappy customers and stolen data. Read the study to learn why high value benefits can drive user growth and confidence.

Identify Path to Early Success

Time is critical. Delivering value, ease of use and trust can open new markets and increase engagement with existing customers. Inside the study are five key recommendations for an effective, immediate approach combining anti-fraud security and a customer experience with minimal friction.

Gain Big Picture Perspective

Digital wallets add complexity to the vast mesh of data and security required to support online shopping and e-commerce. They also deliver new ways to meet customer expectations. Download the study to learn the top outcomes of digital wallets across financial services, healthcare, government and retail.

The next 12 months will be a critical time in digital wallet evolution. Download the full study to gain a better understanding of the coming digital wallet challenges and potential solutions.

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