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Independent list screen application validation from AML Analytics 

Uncover performance gaps with independent validation 

How confident are you in the efficacy of your list screening program?

One weak spot could quickly expose your business to sanctions risks, compliance breakdowns and the impact of regulatory fines and reputational damage. At LexisNexis®, we understand that your success is riding on the strength of your list screening application. We are pleased to offer independent and scalable list screening application validation via AML Analyser from AML Analytics to enable your business to comprehensively and cost-effectively evaluate the strength of list screening application performance.


Get a clear picture of list screening application performance
AML Analyser can help uncover weak spots, pinpoint list performance issues and strengthen your risk management processes. It works through an easy, web-based interface that requires no integration.

AML Analyser streamlines sanction list validation to help your business:

  • Perform sensitivity testing
  • Execute stress testing
  • Complete benchmarking against industry peers
  • Monitor list screening application performance

With this tool you gain a deeper understanding of list screening application performance that can help you mitigate exposure to sanctions risks, compliance breakdowns and the impact of regulatory fines and reputational damage.


Know where you stand with AML Analyser
AML Analyser simplifies list screening application validation by automatically connecting your business to an independent and comprehensive list screening application performance assessment. By leveraging publicly available data for benchmarking, AML Analyser gives you the peace of mind and protection of not having to transfer customer data to a third party resource. With this solution, your business gains a broader testing perspective built from financial industry performance data that aggregates results across multiple list screening application platforms and the leading industry players. AML Analyser facilitates smoother audits and regulatory examinations by delivering succinct reports and historical, on-demand access to test data, test results and benchmarking data in an easy-to-interpret format.

Streamline your list screening validation process, simplify risk avoidance and strengthen your overall business performance with LexisNexis and AML Analyser.

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