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Optimize Your Counterparty KYC Operations

Efficiently assess financial counterparty risk so your KYC analysts can focus on risk-based decision-making.
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Get a Better View of Financial Counterparties Worldwide

Instantly access KYC documents, ownership charts, risk flags, and more with LexisNexis® Bankers Almanac® Counterparty KYC.

When working manually, KYC analysts often face having to gather a large volume of information to onboard and assess financial counterparties. Unfortunately, this type of KYC research often distracts from the main priority when dealing with counterparties - determining financial risk.
Bankers Almanac® Counterparty KYC is the look-up tool that can help your KYC analysts efficiently research both new and existing counterparties. With the ability to identify counterparties from around 21,000 financial institutions, Bankers Almanac® Counterparty KYC can provide your staff with instant access to the data needed to conduct a proper KYC risk assessment.


  • With just one tool, KYC analysts can get a comprehensive insight into a wide variety of organizations.

  • By integrating additional module subscriptions into Bankers Almanac® Counterparty KYC, analysts can see interactive group and ownership charts that make it easy to spot hidden risks with an organization, such as sanctioned ultimate beneficial owners.

  • Analysts can easily search and download evidence to include in due diligence reports, enabling an efficient workflow and robust audit trail.

Bankers Almanac Counterparty KYC provides comprehensive KYC data for financial institutions, including:

  • Head office and office branch details
  • Ownership charts
  • Group structure charts
  • Key personnel names
  • Contact details
  • Financials
  • Historic bank information
  • LEI and GIIN numbers
  • Bank rank by assets and capital
  • Regulating bodies
  • Credit ratings

Additional Modules

Enhanced Due Diligence Module
Analysts can instantly download up-to-date PDF documents to conduct due diligence on financial counterparties with our Enhanced Due Diligence module:

  • Licenses (general, banks, and offshore)
  • Anti-money laundering controls
  • US PATRIOT Act Certificates
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Governance Documents
  • Wolfsberg Group Questionnaire – CBDDQ
  • W-8BEN-E tax forms
Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Module
Identify ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) within financial institution structures with our Ultimate Beneficial Ownership module:

  • Research 11,000+ UBOs worldwide
  • View clear ownership maps
  • Determine a total percentage of entity ownership
Sanctions View Module
Efficiently determine if a financial institution is sanctioned or has sanctioned entities within its group structure with our Sanctions View module:

State-Owned Enterprises View Module
Immediately identify if an entity has state ownership links anywhere within its group structure with our State-Owned Enterprises View module:

  • Intelligence from 1,000 enforcement agencies and 32,000 media sources
Assess financial counterparty risk with ease. Download our Bankers Almanac® Counterparty KYC brochure to learn more.
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Make KYC Processes More Efficient and Consistent

Bankers Almanac® Counterparty KYC API enables process automation in large-scale Know Your Customer (KYC) operations. The REST API delivers accurate, up-to-date financial counterparty KYC data anywhere you need it within your KYC and CRM workflows.

Via one single API integration, your organization gains full access to:
  • LexisNexis® Bankers Almanac Counterparty KYC Online: A holistic view of around 21,000 financial institutions with data updated regularly from primary sources, including credit ratings, regulatory bodies, GIIN LEI numbers, historical banking information, and more.

  • LexisNexis® Counterparty KYC UBO Module: Ownership information for financial institutions, with data and supporting documents for over 11,000 ultimate beneficial owners, with links down to 0.1% ownership.

  • LexisNexis® Bankers Almanac Enhanced Due Diligence: Over 800,000 due diligence PDF documents, including USA PATRIOT Act Certificates, corporate governance documents, licenses, and more.


Integrating Bankers Almanac® Counterparty KYC API into your KYC and CRM platform can help your organization benefit from:

  • Increased Efficiency — According to your corporate policy, the KYC platform can select the correct corporate policy and instantly download all required due diligence information from the API for analysts to review.

  • Increased Effectiveness — Data can be served directly within workflows in the structure that is easiest to review, so KYC analysts can focus on risk-based decision-making.

  • Improved Accuracy — Automating data collection reduces opportunities for human error and ensures KYC analysts correctly follow the corporate policy for every customer.

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