LexisNexis MemberPointTM

Improve member outreach results and engagement with current demographic information.

HEDIS and Stars ratings are just two of the many initiatives that suffer as a result of poor member identity information.

Member data fuels critical work streams, from enrollment and care management, to billing, marketing and quality ratings improvement.

Every aspect of health plan performance success depends on having detailed, accurate information on the individuals enrolled or enrolling for coverage, including their names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Why is member data accuracy so valuable? 

Inaccurate member data greatly impedes communication between the member and health plan, potentially leading to:

  • Delays and/or gaps in care when members fail to receive provider directories, policy updates and renewal materials, and outreach calls from the payer
  • Enrollment packages and ID cards going to the wrong addresses, resulting in returned mail and millions of dollars in losses
  • A reduction in overall member engagement and satisfaction levels
  • An inability to successfully survey members and enroll them in educational programs, which can negatively impact HEDIS, Star and other quality ratings

Keeping member data up-to-date can be simplified using a solution like MemberPoint. MemberPoint cleans and enhances your membership files with information from our trusted identity referential database, which uses our proprietary LexID® linking technology and HPCC computing platform. The result is a member profile containing the most current and comprehensive information available.

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To meet these member data management challenges, LexisNexis® offers MemberPoint, a powerful suite of data services that allows health plans to:

  • Validate the integrity of new enrollee information
  • Maintain the accuracy of demographic data
  • Enhance compliance efforts
  • Reach and manage their member populations
  • Reduce identity-based fraud by properly verifying and managing member identity information


With the focus on reducing costs, improving outcomes, Medical Loss Ratio, and meaningful use goals, the impact of not being able to reach your members is much greater than the cost of a piece of returned mail.

MemberPoint delivers all the information you need to know about your members and enables you to integrate that information into your operations.

Our member data sources and advanced data linking technology enable world-class member identity capture, record linking, and maintenance of disparate patient registries.

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