Enrich your member data

The quality of member identity data is essential to meeting the challenges of member management, but the currency and accuracy of member contact information is questionable at best.

MemberPoint cleans and enhances your membership files with information from our vast public records repository which uses our proprietary LexID® linking technology and HPCC computing platform.

The result is a member profile containing the most current and comprehensive information available.

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Member information is in a much greater state of flux than most payers realize. There is a tremendous degree of physical movement; there are more cell phone numbers than people in the United States, and the number of job changes, name changes, and relocations all combine to make the currency and accuracy of member contact information questionable at best.  

To meet these member data management challenges, LexisNexis® offers MemberPoint, a powerful suite of data services that allows payers to:

  • Validate the integrity of new enrollee information
  • Maintain the accuracy of demographic data
  • Enhance compliance efforts
  • Reach and manage their member populations
  • Reduce identity-based fraud by properly verifying and managing member identity information


With the focus on reducing costs, improving outcomes, Medical Loss Ratio, and meaningful use goals, the impact of not being able to reach your members is much greater than the cost of a piece of returned mail.

MemberPoint delivers all the information you need to know about your members and enables you to integrate that information into your operations.

Our massive member data sources and advanced data linking technology enable world-class member identity capture, record linking, and maintenance of disparate patient registries.

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