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LexisNexis® Police Record Insights

Help optimize triage, inform models and improve claims outcomes

Police records are a rich source of information for adjusters.

Today’s claims environment is complex, influenced by higher inflation, greater severity and more attorney involvement. When accidents occur, the more information adjusters have at their fingertips, the better decisions they can make. And the faster they can resolve the claim.

Police records contain a wealth of information, with hundreds of insightful data elements located throughout the report. However, these data elements are not always intuitive or can be easily missed if adjusters are conducting manual reviews. 

Extracting data attributes within police records and integrating them into the workflow is the answer. By enabling more automatic claims processing, carriers can help ensure they don’t leave insights on the table and position themselves to optimally manage the claim. 

How are you leveraging
police record data?

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Police report data can be leveraged by carriers in many ways:

  • Gain increased efficiency and quicker access to insights:  Easily surface key data to adjusters to drive accurate liability decisions on DUIs, speed limits, citations and more.  
  • Achieve speedier fraud identification: Leverage business rules to quickly alert SIU of undisclosed passengers or claimants not on the report.
  • Improve injury triage:  Route claims with injury indicators (injury, ejected, transported to flags) to appropriate adjusters, as well as leverage injury data within data casualty models.  
  • Improve estimating:  More quickly alert to damage reported compared to what was noted at the accident scene.

Data within police reports is actionable, and carriers can’t afford to miss these insights. 



How are you leveraging police record data? Complete the form, and let’s have a conversation about integrating these insights into your claims workflow.

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