ThreatMetrix® for Government

ThreatMetrix for Government

Recognize online customers, accept transactions and secure your agency from cybercrime.

Detect high-risk digital behavior that signals potential fraud without causing friction for citizens.

As government agencies offer more of their services online, they face a difficult challenge: how to prevent access to their system by cybercriminals while giving their citizens the seamless, frictionless, online experience they expect. Cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated. They’re experts at using stolen identity information to divert government payments. And they’re proficient at launching scripted bot attacks as well.

Implement too many fraud prevention controls, and you may be successful at keeping out criminals but you risk frustrating your citizens who must clear multiple hurdles to gain access across their various channels. It’s security at the expense of the user’s online experience.

A better approach is for government agencies to use a solution that delivers real-time, automated digital authentication. That’s the key to distinguishing a legitimate citizen from a cybercriminal, on the day the account is opened and for every transaction that follows.

ThreatMetrix® for Government provides the fast, digital identity assessment agencies need. It harnesses data intelligence about devices, locations, identities and past behaviors across one of the world’s largest, crowdsourced, global digital networks. The result is government agencies know who they’re transacting with, reducing access from fraudsters and bots.

At the heart of ThreatMetrix for Government is its Digital Identity Network®. The Network collects and analyzes global shared intelligence from millions of daily consumer interactions including logins, payments and new account applications. That information is then used to build a unique digital identity for each user that includes their devices, locations and anonymized personal information. When ThreatMetrix detects digital behavior that doesn’t fit a trusted citizen’s identity, it alerts the agency to potential fraud. The agency can then manually review the transaction or reject it. It’s a proactive approach designed to stop fraud before it can happen.

The size and power of the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network is daunting. It contains 1.4 billion unique online digital identities from 4.5 billion devices in 185 countries. The Network analyzes over 100 million transactions a day across 35,000 websites from over 5,000 global companies.

With ThreatMetrix, government agencies gain the exponential strength of the entire Network. Want to know more? Check out our brochure on ThreatMetrix for Government.

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