When DBA Means “Doing Business as a Fraudster”

It’s not so easy to spot small business fraud. Go deeper to proactively uncover SMB fraud risk.

Business Fraud and Identity Management


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SMB fraud is on the rise. Catch enterprising criminals in their tracks.

High profile consumer data breaches and fraud incidents often make headlines, but now criminals have a new target: small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). SMB fraud is less visible than consumer fraud, has fewer protections in place and often presents more lucrative payoffs for fraudsters.

You need a reliable way to verify self-provided data — and fill in any missing details — when onboarding a new customer, vendor or partner. You have to ensure the identity presented is real, that the data points resolve consistently to the identity, and that the presenter isn't an imposter. In addition, you need visibility into indicators that may signal a customer’s identity may be compromised.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions fraud and identity management solutions reduce risk. 

Our solutions can support you in verifying identities and filling in the gaps, as well as assessing the fraud risk posed by an organization or its associated individuals. Whether you need stronger verification, more robust search and data enrichment tools, a better fraud scoring system—or a single solution to search, monitor, score and investigate identity and fraud risk—LexisNexis Risk Solutions can help.

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