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Prevent fraud and reduce identity-based risk using LexisNexis® Risk Solutions data, advanced analytics and technology solutions.

Health and Human Services


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Simplify and Streamline Fraud Detection

As the elderly and needy family populations increase, it is even more important to safeguard our taxpayer dollars across Health and Human Services programs. Leveraging LexisNexis ® data resources, identity management tools and advanced analytics, public assistance programs can better protect funds from being stolen and abused so that funding is going to those truly in need and government agencies are preventing the misuse of taxpayer dollars.
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Data Sharing Across Health and Human Services Programs

The National Accuracy Clearinghouse verifies the identity of applicants for public assistance and prevents dual participation across state lines.

Identity Management

Data culled from over 10,000 sources makes authenticating identities and determining eligibility for public assistance benefits a fast, reliable process.

Healthcare Provider Fraud

Suspicious healthcare providers who may be committing fraud or Medicaid abuse can be detected by leveraging LexisNexis data, linking technology and advanced analytic tools.

Public Assistance Fraud Prevention

A shared database to verify applicant eligibility in real-time is the key to preventing illegal dual participation across states and public assistance programs.

Program Integrity

A holistic, identity-driven strategy to screen applicants and monitor beneficiaries is an effective method for preventing improper payments in Health and Human Services programs.

Unemployment Insurance

Boost anti-fraud measures using robust data and analytics tools to ensure accurate and timely issuance of employment and assistance. 

Child and Family Services

Proactively detect fraudulent or improper claim attempts before payments are made, ensuring eligible children and families are the only beneficiaries.

Medicaid and CHIP

Save billions in taxpayer dollars by stopping individuals using stolen or false information to obtain benefits, providers billing for services not rendered, pharmacies overcharging and organized crime rings running complex schemes.

Public Housing

Screen applicants to determine eligibility for Section 8 subsidized housing, weeding out individuals using false or stolen identities, claiming extra dependents or under-reporting household income to qualify for the program.

SNAP and Nutrition Assistance

Catch dishonest benefit recipients who use stolen or made-up identities, provide false documentation or lie on their application.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Defend against fraud in TANF by detecting beneficiaries who lie about their identity, household income, address or number of children living in the home.

Unemployment Insurance

Boost anti-fraud measures using robust data and analytics tools to ensure accurate and timely issuance of employment and assistance. 

Health and Human Services by the Numbers


Save nearly $200 million annually in SNAP payments

The USDA estimates the National Accuracy Clearinghouse could save $193.4 million a year by preventing duplicate SNAP payments if used nationwide.


Trusted in Government

LexisNexis assists 70% of local agencies and almost 80% of federal agencies to safeguard citizens and reduce financial losses due to fraud and abuse.

Insights and Resources


Prevent Dual Participation Across Health and Human Services Programs

Learn how the National Accuracy Clearinghouse can assist states with the identification and prevention of dual participation to protect the integrity of HHS public assistance programs.

The Benefits of State-To-State HHS Data Sharing

Understanding the challenges and benefits of data sharing from HHS leaders across the nation.

Preventing Healthcare Provider Fraud and Improper Payments

Our Provider Integrity solution can assists government healthcare programs with both provider enrollment and program integrity efforts.

Stop False Identities from Entering Your System

Advance the integrity of your Health and Human Services programs with an identity management solution.

We believe in the power of data and analytics
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