Prevent theft and fraud in Child and Family Services programs

Stop identity theft and improper payments with a multi-layered approach for verifying and authenticating beneficiaries.
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Prevent identity theft and fraud in Child and Family Services programs.

Our identity management tools and analytics simplify and streamline fraud monitoring. Now you can confidently confirm the identities of applicants and proactively detect fraudulent or improper claim attempts before payments are made, ensuring eligible children and families are the only beneficiaries.

LexisNexis Delivers

Identity Proofing

Access to 37 billion records linked from 10,000 data sources makes locating, identifying and authenticating applicants a reliable process.

Front-end Fraud Protection

Early detection of fraud stops improper payments and is more effective than the pay-and-chase model.

Family Finding

Public records linking helps instantly identify and locate relatives, family members and others with close relations to foster care children.

Advanced Linking Technology

Cross-referencing data from disparate sources helps resolve identities, expose inconsistencies and detect fraudulent claims.

Data Integration

Incorporating external data into existing enrollment processes gives a broader, more accurate view of applicants and beneficiaries.

Multi-layered Authentication

Requiring at least two independent elements, such as a user name and fingerprint, verifies identities and weeds out fraudulent claims.

Achieve These Results

Help Those in Need

Assess risk and provide assistance to children and families that truly need it and are entitled to receive benefits.

Protect Identities, Maintain Confidentiality

Control access to critical information given to individuals.

Stop Improper Payments

Prevent identity theft and detect fraud, waste and abuse by verifying applicant identities and information.

Reduce Program Costs

Minimize the benefits wrongfully given to unqualified applicants, including payments and overpayments, and strengthen program integrity.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Expedite application processing and ensure recipients receive benefits in a timely manner without additional risk of fraud.

Maximize Manpower and Resources

Increase effectiveness by prioritizing fraud investigations and pursuing those cases that are potentially most lucrative.

Insights and Resources


Prevent Dual Participation

Learn how the National Accuracy Clearinghouse can assist states with the identification and prevention of dual participation across Child and Family Services benefits programs.
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Child Care Fraud @ Fraud of the Day

Keep up-to-date with articles about fraud schemes impacting children and family service programs in your state.

Identity Management Evolved

The right identity management solution can help stop false identities from entering your system and improve program integrity.

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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