Reduce dual participation in public assistance programs across state lines

Multi-state contributory solutions help identify applicants already receiving benefits in another state.

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The National Accuracy Clearinghouse (NAC) is a multi-state contributory solution designed to assist states with identification and prevention of dual participation within their public assistance programs, and expedite interstate coordination and investigation.

The NAC helps agencies maintain high program integrity standards and allows them to also improve application processing accuracy, efficiency and data integrity. The NAC was designed with the vision of expansion nationwide, and is currently expanding into other programs, including Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Woman Infant Children (WIC), Child and Family Services, and Child Nutrition.

LexisNexis Delivers

Advanced Data Technology

Instantly searches more than 10,000 data sources and gathers information from over 20 billion public and proprietary records.

Data Linking

Analyzes billions of records to quickly identify, connect and organize related information, giving you meaningful, insightful results.

Access to Multi-state Database

Screens applicants and flags individuals who may already be receiving benefits from public assistance programs in another state.

Real-time Results

Quickly reveals matches resulting from a comparison of applicant/recipient data with the contributory information from participating states.

Identity Verification

Resolves the identities of applicants pre-enrollment and beneficiaries post-enrollment to accurately confirm program eligibility and eliminate dual participation across states.

Achieve These Results

Prevent Dual Participation

Stop benefits from being distributed to applicants already receiving assistance from public assistance programs in another state.

Mitigate Improper Payments

Eliminate the costly pay-and-chase model with advanced front- and back-end identity verification.

Increase Efficiency

Implement a proactive approach to determine eligibility at the point of application, stopping improper payments and accelerating the onboarding process.

Improve Program Integrity

Ensure compliance, efficiency and accountability within Health and Human Services programs by properly screening applicants and beneficiaries.

Expand and Strengthen NAC

Participate in growing the National Accuracy Clearinghouse to support additional public assistance programs and states for increased effectiveness.

Insights and Resources


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