Detect fraud and eliminate improper payments in HHS programs

Ensure benefits only go to people who truly need them.

Public Assistance Fraud Prevention


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Taxpayers and disadvantaged people who rely on public assistance suffer most when fraud and false claims drain Health and Human Services (HHS) programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Disaster-SNAP (D-SNAP). 

Providing help to struggling families is necessary, but taxpayers want their tax dollars spent efficiently and aid distributed to those who are truly in need. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers data-driven solutions that verify beneficiary identities, reduce dual participation and eliminate improper payments.

LexisNexis Delivers

Real-time Data

Shows all individuals currently receiving benefits across multiple programs at once.

Automated Research

Streamlines processes and reduces time previously spent manually researching data.

Multi-state HHS Database

Prevents duplicate issuance of benefits to recipients.

Beneficiary Authentication

Verifies public assistance beneficiary information during pre- and post-enrollment.

Risk Flags

Reduces investigation time from days or weeks, to minutes.

Achieve These Results

Strengthen Program Integrity

Detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse by verifying that the right people are receiving benefits.

Reduce Program Costs

Minimize the public benefits wrongfully given to unqualified applicants.

Improve Service Delivery

Expedite application processing while simultaneously ensuring data accuracy and data integrity.

Insights and Resources


Beyond HIPAA

How data sharing can prevent state public assistance fraud.

State-to-State HHS Data Sharing

Most states see big value in identifying dual participants in public assistance programs.
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Preventing Duplicates In Public Assistance Programs

National Accuracy Clearinghouse (NAC) helps states save millions by fighting dual participation.
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5-State Data Clearinghouse Cuts Duplicate Benefits Payments

Sharing data across states, can help public assistance programs reduce duplicate payments, prevent fraud, and save money.

Improving Program Integrity Across States and Territories

Final USDA PCG report on potential annual National Accuracy Clearinghouse (NAC) cost savings.

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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