Prevent Workforce Services Fraud

Prevent improper payments to fraudulent beneficiaries for unemployment insurance, TANF, retirement and pension programs.

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Improve your agency's first line of defense against workforce services fraud. LexisNexis® Identity Management and Program Integrity solutions detect improper payments and wasteful abuse of public funds.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions facilitates the verification and authentication of the identities of individuals applying for and receiving benefits including unemployment insurance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, retirement and pension. Our robust, flexible tools ensure benefits get to the right citizens in a timely manner, preventing fraud and preserving program integrity.

LexisNexis Delivers

Early Fraud Detection

Careful screening of individuals before processing applications and improper benefit payments are made is more effective than the pay-and-chase model.

Multi-layered Verification Process

When authenticating beneficiaries, low risk identities are processed quickly while high-risk identities require additional steps or in-person verification.

External Data Fusion

When LexisNexis data from 36 billion public records is integrated with agency data, you gain a multifaceted view of applicants.

Advanced Identity Analytics

Using analytics to efficiently analyze seemingly unrelated pieces of data reduces fraud and supplements traditional overpayment recovery techniques.

Achieve These Results

Assess Fraud Risk

Calculate the risk of an individual identity presented and the transaction type to determine whether additional authentication steps are needed.

Determine Benefits Eligibility

Quickly and confidently confirm identities and compute benefits the applicant is qualified to receive.

Reduce Waste and Abuse

Prevent the misuse of public funds spent on improper payments from intentional fraud and unintentional errors in public assistance programs.

Anticipate Fraud after Enrollment

Detect and prevent fraud using powerful identity analytics to reveal patterns at change of service intervals.

Maximize Agency Efficiency

Prioritize investigations based on pre-set criteria to pursue those cases that have the best potential to be favorably resolved.

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