Verify and authenticate identities in near real-time to fuel a better experience

The public  expects all digital experiences to be like what they get from best-in-class brands. Meet a high standard without compromising program integrity

Give People Easy Access without Giving an Inch on Security

Improve government interactions without compromising program integrity

The public has come to expect digital access to services and information from all sources. They’re accustomed to using a single login and password to initiate consumer transactions, and see no reason why their government can’t offer the same simplicity. But password management is not identity management. And government agencies looking to replicate that low-friction digital experience could be increasing their vulnerability without the right tools in place.
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Digital Identity Management and application

Achieve These Results

While doing business online provides operational efficiencies and results in better customer service, it also introduces new risks.

Global criminal networks use stolen identity data to open accounts. Cybercriminals use botnets to instigate attacks that include malicious activities such as unauthorized access and data theft. (And as we’ve seen recently, often use “side door partners” to do it.) Fraudsters piece together bits of stolen data like names and Social Security numbers, add fictitious facts, and use these “synthetic identities” to avoid detection because they contain just enough real information to pass through security. 

All of these schemes make government programs extremely vulnerable to attack, from every angle, by a persistent and inventive landscape of individuals intent on doing harm. 

Meanwhile, it’s important to remember that the majority of individuals who interact with government agencies are legitimate. And it’s not just residents, business owners and your employees that need access. You likely rely on contractors and partners to assist with day-to-day operations. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has a full range of compliant Identity Management Solutions that allow you to quickly validate and authenticate identities on a single streamlined platform, reducing fraud and allowing resources to be directed toward critical missions.

Our approach establishes multiple layers of defense by combining identity proofing with simultaneous risk assessment. Confidently confirm who’s on the other end of a transaction, regardless of device or channel. Employ risk-based authentication with low-friction, strong customer authentication strategies that consider:

  • Type of transaction
  • Device being used
  • Associated level of risk

We activate our digital and physical identity databases to correlate identity and transactional information in near-real time from thousands of data sources — revealing a 360° 360-degree view of identity risk. Aberrations from usual behavior patterns throw up red flags. Trusted users enjoy a streamlined experience with fewer step-up authentication interventions. Cybercriminals and bots are blocked.

Get the best of both worlds: A secure, automated defense against fraudsters and cybercriminals that doesn’t compromise online experience or agency efficiency.  


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