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Fraud takes many forms. We increase your staff’s capacity to address them.

As a Social Services agency, you work hard to engender public trust in program integrity, ensuring benefits and services only go to those who are eligible. Part of this is how you analyze and protect the sensitive information you collect. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has what you need to manage against fraud, abuse and waste on the front end. Reduce the time spent making decisions and create a smooth process for your staff and the people you serve.
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Fraud Prevention

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It can be extremely difficult to detect when applicants are already enrolled in duplicate benefits elsewhere.Participants may relocate and forget to inform their previous state. They may take custody of minors and apply for child benefits already being disbursed to another parent or guardian. Names may change, making it hard to recognize people already receiving benefits. Or in some cases there may be outright fraud.

Our solutions give you a clearer view of dual participation. We draw from deep identity attributes gathered across multiple, continually updated referential sources — applying our patented LexID® unique identifier to resolve and match these identity pieces to a single individual with 99.9% precision. With that, you have sharper insight into potential dual participation scenarios.

What if fraud or improper payments are detected? Our back-end intelligence and automated solutions help you filter information and prioritize investigations or audits — focusing on individuals who owe the most, or cases with greater compliance impact.

Pay-and-chase activities are time consuming and often fail to recover funds.Meanwhile, fraud can be increasingly hard to detect, especially in light of newer cybercrime schemes hidden behind bots, malware and synthetic identities. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has your back, with the tools you need to fight back against fraud in its many forms.

  • Our solutions produce an expanded picture of the applicant. Not only the individual you’re directly dealing with, but also their hidden connections — all in one comprehensive view. Combine digital and physical identity intelligence from thousands of sources. Map networks of relatives and associates to uncover suspicious patterns and larger potential fraud rings not typically revealed through traditional identity analytics.
  • We also have sophisticated solutions that can detect the use of location and identity cloaking services — including hidden proxies and VPNs. See the true IP address, geolocation and other attributes of each transaction. This provides valuable digital evidence that an individual engaging with your agency is not and has not been in your jurisdiction, and may be attempting to defraud.
The impact on people matters too.On the front end, we reduce customer friction because our solutions don’t rely solely on credit bureau data, which unintentionally biases against segments of society (50 million people) that are unbanked or have thin credit histories. From the agency perspective, our depth and breadth of identity data, combined with strong linking technologies, actually reduces administrative “churn” — easing the workloads of understaffed and overworked eligibility offices. Our solutions are presented in an investigator/analyst friendly format, with dashboards and the ability to export data for administrative case actions. 

Our support doesn’t end with our solutions. We also have a Special Investigations Unit that can help you speed investigations and draw big picture insight.

The LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is comprised of former law enforcement, national security intelligence, military intelligence and overall subject matter experts who provide real-time investigative insight for our customers. Tap into their wealth of knowledge gleaned from their professional expertise and customer interactions across all sectors of government. SIU services are a complementary part of our Government Solutions and available to:

  • advise your agency on the latest identity theft and FWA patterns and trends
  • assist your team with specific cases
  • research new patterns you’ve identified to see what else may be out there
  • help identify patterns or trends in your data
  •  and more.

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