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LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provides actionable insights to federal, state and local government agencies.

Better information enables better decision-making. Our data, tools and technology give government agencies the intelligence they need to operate efficiently and succeed in their missions. 
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Health and Human Services

Prevent fraud and reduce identity-based risk in government assistance programs using data, advanced analytics and technology.

Tax and Revenue

Combat tax fraud and maximize revenue collected with identity-driven solutions.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Reduce crime, terrorism and cyber threats to make communities safer.

Federal Government Healthcare

Thwart fraud and abuse using identity management and payment integrity solutions.

Defense Community and Homeland Security

Access reliable and timely intelligence to identify risks and threats.

Government Services by the Numbers

Contributory Data Solutions

An independent evaluation report estimates the National Accuracy Clearinghouse could save up to $193.4M annually in SNAP dual participation.

Advanced Identity Analytics

Eleven states have already saved over $500 million tied to tax identity fraud with the LexisNexis® Tax Refund Investigative Solution.

Nationwide Linking Technology

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provides data from over 500 law enforcement agencies linked to public records to aid in identifying offenders and acquaintances nationwide.

Insights and Resources


Prevent Dual Participation Across Health and Human Services Programs

Learn how the National Accuracy Clearinghouse can assist states with the identification and prevention of dual participation to protect the integrity of HHS public assistance programs.

Framing the Business Tax Compliance Landscape

Gain a better understanding of the landscape with viewpoints from 29 states.
Case Study

Solving Cold Cases with LexisNexis® Accurint®

How investigative technology can locate “hard-to-find” persons of interest.

The Benefits of State-To-State HHS Data Sharing 

Understanding the challenges and benefits of data sharing from HHS leaders across the nation.
White Paper

Collecting on the Uncollectable

Old, outdated identities. The hidden cause of untapped revenue in government collection.

Patented linking technology to help agencies fight fraud, mitigate risk
 and keep communities safe.

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