Manage Patient and Member Identities According to your Pharmacy Workflow

LexisNexis® identity solutions for pharmacies drive patient engagement by verifying identities quickly.

Patient and Member Identity Intelligence

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The ability to authenticate, validate and manage patient and member identity information helps pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers comply with regulations, reduce exposure to identity fraud, drive cost savings and improve engagement.

LexisNexis® offers a continuum of solutions that incorporates identification checks into your pharmacy workflow, helps maintain patient profiles and aids in recognizing social determinants of health that influence patient outcomes.

Reduce fraud risks

Quickly authenticate, verify and resolve patient identities before filling a prescription. 

Access vast data resources

Maintain, enhance and augment member and patient identity profiles.

Enhance compliance efforts

Eliminate identity-based fraud and protect privacy by properly managing member and patient information.

Increase patient engagement

Recognize social determinants of health attributes and interact with patients to encourage positive change and reduce risk.

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