Ensure Compliance while Maintaining Operational Efficiency with Data-Driven Pharmacy Solutions

Incorporate real-time prescription and prescriber verifications into pharmacy workflows without compromising speed or customer service.

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Filling prescriptions today is complicated.

Regulations change. Health plan requirements vary, as do licensures across prescribers. Prescription fraud and other schemes that compromise proper access to medications can be difficult to detect. Yet pharmacies are expected to process prescriptions quickly while mitigating compliance risk. LexisNexis® offers data-driven prescriber data intelligence solutions that facilitate efficient retail pharmacy workflows and pharmacy benefit manager operations.

Enhance provider data

Standardize and cleanse data, fill in information gaps, and augment existing profiles with additional data points.

Validate providers

Research new providers, healthcare organizations and affiliations to help claim/service operations or assist with credentialing.

Verify prescribers and create audit trails in real-time

Identify potential submission errors and increase paid prescription claims. Additionally, track all transactions in real-time and be prepared to monitor.

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