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Offering intelligence and insights that empower inclusive and equitable outcomes across healthcare fostering the opportunity for improved outcomes.
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We provide solutions to better understand the entire community for which you are offering healthcare as well as the diverse factors that impact their health as a community and as individuals. By being engaged with the data and analytics provided by LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, healthcare organizations can deliver a current, confident, and consistent level of care and service to all.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is a trusted provider of industry-leading real-world data and insights for the healthcare industry.  With data that offers intelligence and insights to empower inclusive and equitable outcomes across healthcare, our Real-World Data & Insights help ensure the consumer, member or patient is at the forefront to promote more positive outcomes, healthier communities and more diverse populations.




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For too long healthcare has been just out of reach for many, and because it has not been accessible, treatments and care plans are not always designed in a way that is representative of the entire population. When this happens, care, support and treatment options don’t meet the needs for optimal outcomes.  Today, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers Real-World Data & Insights, bringing a representative consumer, member or patient data to support inclusive and equitable decision-making.  When you have the data to understand and meet your consumers, members or patients where they are, your focus becomes person – centric -transforming the healthcare experience and providing a solid foundation to support optimal outcomes.

Whether you are beginning a project or incorporating LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Real-World Data & Insights into existing data sets, we can transform and revolutionize inclusion and equity efforts to help ensure the care and services offers meet the needs of the diverse communities you serve.  We can help you understand their unique vulnerabilities so that you can better plan for greater quality of care and service.

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