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Be the Go-To Choice by Personalizing Your Customer Loyalty Program

Expanding engagement in the crowded loyalty space demands a focused effort and relentless customer-centricity. Turning a name and an email into a nuanced relationship to nurture for the long run is the lifeblood of a lucrative, and well-loved, customer loyalty program. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers responsive tools and dynamic technologies to optimize your loyalty strategy and increase the lifetime value of loyalty relationships.

Our solutions combine the power of robust global identity intelligence, advanced analytics and innovative technologies to reinforce a well-informed and cohesive loyalty journey that supports:

  • Confident customer acquisition
  • Immediate age verification and trusted identity verification
  • Optimized onboarding experiences
  • Seamless logins and account details activities
  • Customer-centric engagement and upsell
  • Streamlined and secure payments
  • Ongoing monitoring across the relationship lifecycle

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Customer Loyalty Program
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We deliver competitive advantage by connecting you to actionable insights that drive a level of everyday endearment that differentiates your customer loyalty program from market peers. Our solutions unlock a level of customer understanding that helps you build greater affinity across the end-to-end loyalty journey.

Building an entrenched relationship and becoming your customers’ go-to choice begins with getting to know and trust loyalty users in real time and intentionally growing those relationships as relevant events are taking place. Our solutions enable you to recognize customer nuances across the loyalty lifecycle and respond with personalized interactions that fuel revenue growth.

Find out how our customer loyalty program solutions are helping the world’s leading corporations, most respected retailers and top banks consistently excel in keeping their customers first.

Connect with one of our customer loyalty program experts to explore our full range of purpose-driven solutions today.

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