Payers Embrace Big Data

door keysCriminals are looting the health care system, and catching them is an imperative for insurers. The debate about cost cutting required by health care reform is spotlighting anti-fraud efforts and the dollars they save. Those efforts often depend on data analysis. Number-crunching and the use of big data can help prevent fraud, waste and abuse, and improve business processes for insurers. The key is to pay attention to past and current data—and then use it to look into the future.

Download this eBrief to find examples of how insurers, including Wellpoint, Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and more, are using data to drive down costs by preventing fraudulent or unnecessary claims, identifying doctors that provide high-quality, low-cost care, improving business processes and streamlining administrative workflows. You’ll also learn about the power of predictive analytics to stop fraud before it starts, avoiding the frustrating and costly game of pay-and-chase later.

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