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Home Infusion TherapyRevolutionize your home infusion therapy sales with a data-driven approach to referral source relationships and sales team management.

Patients who need home infusion therapy rarely research service providers. They look to their doctor to recommend one. The home infusion therapy sales challenge for providers lies in identifying the physicians and medical professionals who are referring patients and becoming their preferred provider. Getting those referrals, as opposed to promoting their services directly to patients, is the key to increasing home infusion therapy sales. This case study will show how PlayMaker CRM fueled by LexisNexis data enables providers to gain market intelligence previously unobtainable. Learn how providers can take the actionable data insights from LexisNexis and the strength of the PlayMaker platform to find home infusion therapy referral opportunities and allocate their resources where they will see the greatest ROI.

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Mining Market Intelligence from Medical Claims Data

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Uncover Market Intelligence from Medical Claims Data

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