2020 Pharmacy Topics Year in Review

Pharmacy is evolving to optimize engagement

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pharmacy topicsWe partnered with Drug Topics® to survey stakeholders about key pharmacy topics and trends from 2020 influencing industry strategies moving into 2021.

In 2020, the healthcare industry was forced to evolve. From retail and specialty pharmacies to entire health systems, no segment of the industry was left untouched.

Our survey looked at a broad spectrum of pharmacy topics including drivers of shrinking prescription margins, compliance issues related to COVID-19 regulations, challenges related to patient identity verification and outreach, barriers to medication adherence, and more.

We asked questions like:


  • How long do respondents anticipate COVID-19 regulations will stay in place?
  • How much has population mobility impacted patient record management?

  • What percentage of pharmacies are using social determinants of health as a competitive differentiator?

The results of our pharmacy topics survey have been compiled into this helpful resource to provide a look at the major changes that happened in the pharmacy industry last year. It details the likely long-term effects and changes for pharmacies and other care systems, including those brought on by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic highlighted and drove many of the social changes that impacted the way quality healthcare and prescription drugs are delivered, but beyond that influence, pharmacies should continue to prepare for new ways to meet the needs of their populations.

Having access to market-leading, in-workflow quality insights can accelerate the growth of your healthcare organization and utilizing tools that can improve management of your time and resources can lead ultimately to greater customer loyalty. Download the infographic to learn more about the primary pharmacy topics and trends of 2020, how they affect delivery of quality care, and how they will continue to impact us all in 2021.

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