Healthcare Data Solutions that Improve Patient Outcomes and Cut Costs

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This three-part video series focuses on how robust data and analytics solutions can address healthcare challenges like interoperability, data integrity, reducing hospital readmission, and data security.

Watch our expert, Erin Benson, deliver insights on our healthcare data solutions that improve health outcomes for patients and financial outcomes for healthcare organizations such as hospitals. This three-part series focuses on how healthcare data solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows for operational efficiency, to meet compliance mandates and to enhance patient safety.

Part 1: Interoperability & Data Integrity

Keeping the integrity of patient records is crucial to tackling healthcare data interoperability challenges. Ensuring records are related to the correct patient and profile are critical to ensuring the full picture of a patient. Erin Benson discusses how linking methods and referential databases can help with the interoperability challenge.

Part 2: Using Data to Cut Costs and Improve Outcomes

Social determinants of health not only impact health outcomes, but can be used to help create risk prediction scores. These prediction scores can help with MACRA compliance by reducing 30-day readmissions. Listen to Erin Benson talk about how these scores can be integrated into care coordination programs to meet mandates and stay compliant.

Part 3: Data Security

Keeping patient data secure with knowledge-based authentication, while maintaining easy access for patients, is a critical need for hospitals and healthcare providers. Data security goes beyond patient access – it ensures the right access for providers, vendors, employees, etc. Learn how LexisNexis can layer in the right level of security to ensure proper access to healthcare data in the third part of this video series.

Our healthcare data solutions leverage identity information, claims data and provider data to reduce risk, enable compliance, increase patient engagement and improve clinical outcomes through insights. Our data and analytical solutions improve population health, enhance patient care, aid in value-based care initiatives and help reduce readmission risk.
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