A Conversation on Next-Generation Tokenization for More Precise Data Linking

Hear From Our Vice President of Product Development Along With Chief Executive Officer of Karlsgate
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Revolutionizing Real-World Data With Next-Gen Tokenization

Hear how and why we’re bringing next-level precision to healthcare

The availability of real-world data (RWD) to drive analyses and impact decision making continues to evolve.

The healthcare industry continues to move past claims and clinical data into social determinants of health (SDoH), wearables, behavioral data, and much more to capture more information on real people living real lives to improve health outcomes.

New datasets provide previously unavailable insight and information but also add to an already complicated data mix. The challenge for healthcare organizations is to aggregate these disparate data sources into new and novel data sets to drive real-world evidence (RWE), guide clinical decision support, optimize treatment, and develop quality measures to impact patient outcomes. 

So how do we tackle these known challenges?

In this video, you’ll hear from Victor Tavernini, vice president of product development at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, along with Brian Mullin, chief executive officer of Karlsgate, an innovative secure data collaboration company.

Watch this video to learn more about:
  • The differences between first-generation and next-generation tokenization technology
  • How next-generation tokenization can change the course of a patient’s journey for the better
  • Why precision and security are so important for de-identified data
  • The benefits for life science and healthcare technology organizations such as improved clinical trial recruitment and new opportunities to commercialize data sets, how it’s enabling what we all deserve, better health

With next-generation tokenization technology available through the patent-pending Gravitas™ Token, combining datasets – with precision – at the patient level allows researchers to assess health risks more accurately and, more importantly, discover solutions to improve care. This technology leverages referential data to resolve records with variations in personally identifiable information (PII) to a unique token.

This increased precision of this token enables healthcare use cases focused on research, outcomes and effectiveness, and access to real-world data (RWD) to generate real-world evidence (RWE). In developing and launching this solution, we continue to build upon our mission to create healthier communities.

Want to elevate the precision of your data? Contact us today.

Interested in learning how the Gravitas Token can bring advanced data precision to your organization?

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