Contributory Databases: What Health Care Insurers Should Know

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data processingContributory databases (CDBs) aren’t new, but they are about to come into their own now as an effective tool in the fight against health care fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) for commercial insurers. CDBs use group intelligence to give health care insurers the opportunity for significant return on investment against misuse of the claims reimbursement process. CDBs collect data across insurers to evaluate claims and utilization patterns that may be problematic and go undetected when looking at a single health care insurer’s data set. Insurers now have an opportunity to use contributory databases to find those overpayments that may be the result of FWA, policy gaps or adjudication issues.

Learn more about the unprecedented knowledge that contributory databases provide and how they can be a powerful tool for discovering suspect behavioral patterns by downloading our white paper.

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