Electronic Health Records: Finding the Return on Investment

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patient technologyTo some health care providers, the value of electronic health records (EHRs) is controversial. Better access to patient information, clinical decision support, and automated reporting is often coupled with slower workflow, new opportunities for mistakes, and updated fraud schemes. While many practitioners understand the intended benefits of the platforms, the time consuming and often expensive process of maturing a complex EHR can elicit uncertainty from the most motivated health care change agents. After large investments in core EHR platforms, many are asking, where is the ROI?

As patient portals continue to solidify their role in patient engagement and effective health care delivery, the right deployment considerations will help maximize the clinical and financial benefits.

Selecting the right identity resolution technologies for a patient portal is crucial to creating a patient-friendly and secure online experience that increases patient enrollment, drives utilization, protects patient health information, and prevents malicious behavior and fraud.

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