Evaluating Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN)

Leverage healthcare claims data to achieve sales & business objectives.

The modern Life Sciences universe is a complex place where many of the internal structures are hard to gain insight into and which vary between networks and organizations. Our data-driven solutions can bring clarity by combining Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) data with medical claims.

With more than 1,000 IDN healthcare delivery groups in the U.S., each of which encompasses thousands of facilities and tens of thousands of healthcare providers and systems, determining which individuals are responsible for purchasing and decision-making can be quite a challenge.

IDNIn order to prioritize which IDNs to target, there are many factors to consider beyond simply size, such as volumes, patterns and specializations. Focusing on the largest IDNs isn't always the most effective approach. In addition, the formation of new IDNs often negates prior relationships that pharmaceutical brand teams may have had. For all of these challenges, claims data insights can help clarify who’s who within these complex healthcare systems and directly feed into a more targeted sales strategy.

It is critical to understand the diverse behaviors and needs of each unique IDN in order to use your team’s resources efficiently and effectively. De-identified claims insights plus other IDN-specific data can create new opportunities for life sciences organizations in terms of sales volume, market share and company revenue. This layering of health data quickly reveals which targets are high-value and have the greatest potential return on investment.

To see specifics on the types of IDN and de-identified claims intelligence we can provide and how that data can transform your IDN strategy, download the white paper.

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