Optimizing Marketplace Insights with Medical Claims Data

Understanding emerging market trends during times of uncertainty.

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Healthcare organizations of every size can use claims data, and it is not uncommon for some manufacturers to see triple-digit ROI when targeting strategies are effectively executed.

Traditionally, life sciences companies have used a combination of prescription data and internal sales reporting to look for potential buyers, but these types of data provide only a limited view and lack any competitor information. By including market research solutions based on medical claims data, companies can include all of the relevant knowledge, gaining a broader picture of the marketplace.medical claims data

What matters is having actionable insights that matter to effectively execute targeting strategies as new market trends continue to emerge. Proper implementation of the applicable data points from medical claims forms can boost ROI for companies of all sizes and types, including specialty pharmaceuticals, hospitals, health systems, payers, durable medical equipment suppliers and more.

Download this white paper to learn the best practices of incorporating the RIGHT data points into your organization's market development strategy.

White Paper

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