Buyers' Guide: How to Select the Right Data Provider to Benefit Your Business

Achieving business goals in healthcare with actionable data.

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As the industry continues to further aggregate and use data, opportunities to derive valuable insights through analytics also increase. It is critical that healthcare organizations use sound methods to choose the right solution and data provider to solve these challenges.

While the value of data in healthcare is widely recognized, there is no clear-cut best practices on how to choose the right data provider. Companies often struggle to easily pick a data partner that would deliver actionable data insights and answer all the key business questions accurately and with the lowest margin of error. And data providers know that! True value of data goes beyond a utilitarian function of a data product. The breadth and complexity of healthcare data sources require specific expertise to acquire, maintain, analyze, and apply the information. With that in mind, it’s vital for the organization to select a true data and analytics partner in this era of data commoditization.

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To alleviate the complexities of data provider auditioning, we are offering a comprehensive holistic guide that outlines everything that business stakeholders need to know and pay attention to when considering data partnerships. At the end of this guide, we are also offering a practical tool  - a Scoring Matrix Worksheet - to accurately assess potential partnership candidates against a set of fit-determining criteria.

Download our Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Right Data Partner to Benefit Your Business to learn about the right questions to ask and to use our Scoring Matrix Tool to accurately compare the utility and the fit of potential partners.

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