Boosting Patient Acquisition and Revenue Using Marketing Intelligence

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How to Boost Patient Acquisition and Revenue Using Marketing Intelligence

It’s been a rough couple of years for hospitals and health systems. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic emergency officially over, labor shortages and higher inflation costs remain — and each presents serious challenges to running a profitable healthcare business.

So what can a hospital or health system do? One strategy is to adopt ‘marketing intelligence.’ This approach can help you increase patient acquisition in a smarter way compared to mass advertising, online ads, or waiting for word-of-mouth to make a difference. 

Marketing intelligence centers on data-driven precision. You may already know how many people live in your hospital or health system geographic area, for example, as well as some basic demographic information. But imagine how much better you could target messages and engage patients if you know consumer data factors like life events, verified names and addresses, residential insights, assets, educational insights, recreational interests and more. For example, you could target new movers in your area. 

The right precision data company can provide this enhanced information – and orchestrate meaningful insights from it – helping you gain an edge on your competition. Go beyond listing your services online and hoping people will start flocking to your doors. Instead, when your marketing message resonates with a particular patient segment, they’ll be more likely to choose your hospital when the time and need are right. 

Targeting your message to the group most likely to take advantage of your services helps them and strengthens your finances at the same time. 

Partner Up With the Right Data Company

Where to start? Knowing what to look for in a data partner is important. For example, many healthcare marketing firms will recommend messaging compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Admirable and safe, yes, but also limiting. Instead, look for a data partner that specializes in the latest, data-driven effective marketing solutions, one that can bypass personal health information and target individuals based on the many other factors that add up to a whole human being.

Search for a data firm with this and other essential capabilities as outlined the eBook “Intelligent Marketing: An Effective Path to Boosting Patient Acquisition and Revenue.” 

Focus on the Patient Relationship

Think of patient acquisition like a mutually beneficial, long term relationship. People can get to know you at first through preventive and wellness services. This way, you’ll have an opportunity to showcase your services. Otherwise, people might get their first impression of your facility during time of dire medical need. 

Convince people who live near your hospital or health system why they should choose your primary care, pediatric or women’s health services. Get them in the door so you can wow them with your medical services, caring staff and your commitment to patient satisfaction. Then engage them with targeted messaging over time. 

When and if they experience a medical emergency, they will automatically know where to turn. 

To learn more, including why the best marketing messages won’t make a difference unless you have verified contact information, read our eBook: “Marketing Intelligence: An Effective Path to Boosting Patient Acquisition and Revenue.”


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