Why Using LexisNexis® MemberPoint to Keep Member Contact Information Current Could Save Payers Millions

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crowdOngoing access to current, accurate and complete member contact information is far more valuable than most payers realize. While the cost of returned and undeliverable mail is an obvious reason to seek a quality data hygiene solution, the inability to communicate and engage with members efficiently and effectively has far reaching negative consequences. Inaccurate member data can impede a payer’s ability to: meet compliance regulations, deliver critical health information, satisfy members, and receive favorable HEDIS and CAHPS scores—all factors that contribute to bottom line losses. Simply put, bad data directly results in lost opportunities and lost profits—and the statistics show that most payers are operating with member data that is surprisingly lacking in quality. The good news is that technology and innovation have produced a highly-effective solution for keeping member data current.

Learn more about why accurate member data is so critical and how you can ensure its validity by downloading our white paper.