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Supercharge decisioning and operations with relevant and reliable real estate information.

The real estate and mortgage loan industry is evolving. Customers expect faster, and near-frictionless transactions. Relevant data from trusted sources plays a critical role in strengthening fraud defenses, improving efficiency in your compliance program, lowering costs, shortening processing times and creating great customer experiences. LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® for Real Estate connects businesses to industry-proven research tools that deliver data-driven results to simplify investigations, support critical decisions and streamline the customer experience. 

Rely on the industry leader in risk intelligence

The ability to isolate risk insulates businesses from costly mortgage fraud losses and reduces transaction delays. The capacity to quickly identify and engage viable customers ultimately determines long-term success. LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions for Real Estate allows you to accomplish both of these goals by delivering concise intelligence on consumers, businesses and properties backed by robust data coverage and innovative decisioning support. 

We help accelerate the answers to tough identity challenges and reduce the amount of resources you need to streamline critical decisions. LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions for Real Estate enables you to prioritize good customers and prevent fraud from impacting your bottom line with industry-proven tools and broad coverage of consumers, businesses and properties.


Instantly define transaction risk and defend against exposure to mortgage fraud

Today’s fast-paced, customer-driven real estate and mortgage lending market has no tolerance for delays. Chasing down data, dealing with information gaps and outdated intelligence disrupts the customer experience, raises decisioning risk and delays lending operations. LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions for Real Estate provides a view of consumers, businesses and properties by seamlessly connecting businesses to the industry’s gold standard for investigative intelligence, linking and analytic capabilities. 

Now you can make confident decisions while reducing time and costs across the entire real estate and mortgage lending lifecycle to: 

  • Improve the digital mortgage experience
  • Resolve alerts generated by loan level fraud tools 
  • Identify sanctions, money laundering and other financial crime risks to meet regulatory requirements
  • Conduct due diligence on warehouse, correspondent and wholesale partners
  • Validate the legitimacy of a business listed as an employer
  • Discover outstanding FCRA-compliant tax liens, civil judgments and derogatory data
  • Mitigate occupancy risk and uncover application misrepresentation early in the lending lifecycle
  • Understand current property values with automated property valuation intelligence from Collateral Analytics®, a Black Knight company
  • Increase transaction transparency and security by uncovering key relationships and potential discrepancies between all parties within the transaction

Combining our robust and highly-relevant real estate data with proven investigation and validation tools enables your business to: 

  • Accelerate key workflows
  • Compress processing timelines
  • Minimize customer touchpoints
  • Manage risk across the entire transaction

Simplify research with relevant results

The combination of tools within LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions for Real Estate help your business identify good customers and manage risk. We have designed LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions for Real Estate to make getting to the right answer an easier task. 

Increase decisioning accuracy and efficiency with the benefits of:

  • Intelligent identity tools that integrate together to support streamlined investigations
  • Essential ease-of-use features that eliminate input delays between searches, simplify manual reviews and quickly facilitates deeper research escalations 
  • Intuitive administrative features streamline workflow management and document account access changes for future reviews
  • Sharper functionality that synthesizes findings and concise visual results that improve understanding and further hone research paths
  • High-quality, consistent results that minimize identity ambiguities and distill decisioning information into user-friendly, easily interpreted outputs
Increase investigation effectiveness

Efficiency plays a large role in an accelerated mortgage workflow that exceeds customer expectations while protecting your business from expanding fraud threats. LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions for Real Estate helps businesses standardize identity investigations and establish repeatable workflows to reduce investigation time and maintain process consistency. Special features improve administrative controls and increase visibility to ensure end-users are maximizing solution capabilities. 

Our highly intuitive user interface ensures a quick start with reduced training requirements. Easy-to-manage user-access assignments and user reviews help your business fully capitalize on their features, functionality and value.


Make confident decisions and streamline critical due diligence across the entire real estate lifecycle


  • Verify and authenticate consumers and their devices at the time of application
  • Support efficient due diligence and investigative workflows that detect financial crime risk such as money laundering and sanctions
  • Identify outstanding liens and judgments

Loan Processing

  • Minimize delays early in the lending cycle by resolving borrower discrepancies, application misrepresentations and data inconsistencies
  • Identify tax liens, civil judgments and derogatory data
  • Reverify key elements of loan documentation

Quality Control

  • Gain clear insight about customers, properties and businesses
  • Investigate and resolve discrepancies identified by loan-level fraud tools
  • Reveal relationships and undisclosed properties
  • Identify occupancy concerns

Loan Servicing / Loss Mitigation

  • Monitor portfolio for timely reaction to key customer life events and/or property valuation changes
  • Optimize ongoing customer interactions across every channel, including the call center, by increasing visibility into right-party contacts, military service, derogatory events and more

Professional Credentialing

  • Conduct up-front due diligence, monitor and receive alerts on third-party providers
  • Access proprietary consortium of non-public adverse activities
  • Comply with state and federal regulations

Access the power to quickly verify and understand key connections between people, businesses, and properties

With industry-specific tools and reports, LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions for Real Estate delivers a thorough risk assessment of the customer and their associates that improves visibility, fortifies compliance and protects your business from the risk of mortgage lending fraud. Combat mortgage fraud with an arsenal of tools designed to help you quickly understand key connections between people, businesses and properties, including:

For more information, call 1-800-953-2877 or visit risk.lexisnexis.com/real-estate.

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