Robust investigative support increases precision for greater efficiency and success.

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It takes more than heart to serve people in need. Your data makes all the difference.

Social Services programs vary widely. Many focus on delivery of benefits like nutritional support and income supplements. Other programs are chartered to identify and connect families and get needed resources to parents and caretakers. Given the constantly growing and changing nature of consumer data, these are complicated tasks.

We can help you streamline and strengthen mission-critical activities for greater program success.
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It takes more than heart to serve people in need. Your data makes all the difference.

Achieve These Results

Whether it’s tracking down relatives for children placed in the foster system, or finding parents who owe back child support, investigations are powered by “people” data. We leverage our 84 billion records from 10,000+ sources — crossed referenced with proprietary linking technology — to deliver the most high-quality, current and complete data on individuals and businesses to fuel your contact and skip tracing activities.

Quickly access:

  • Up-to-date address(es) and contact information including phone and email
  • employers
  • relatives and associates
  • and more

Our solution also points you to further results with intuitive links to "Next Steps" and "We Also Found" prompts that illuminate additional, relevant information.

With limited time and resources, it’s not practical for your collections team to pursue every outstanding debt or overpayment. You need tools that help you 1) prioritize your best opportunities to collect, and 2) meet complex compliance rules.

Turn to our expertise and our technology. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has been managing identity and contact data for more than 40 years and we’re rigorous in our compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines.

Our breadth and depth of data assets is superlative and includes unique alternative data that may be new to your agency. We’re able to uncover more information about consumers and businesses, including:

  • current employment information
  • attributes pertinent to income assessment
  • debt obligations, collections and bankruptcies
  • updated status on deceased/living, incarcerations and military deployment
  • contact risks
  • and more.

We can also help you pinpoint optimal communication channels, time to contact and settlement strategies.

Of course, compliance is of utmost importance. And it gets complex when you are dealing with multiple contact channels that may cross state lines with differing regulations. For these reasons, we designed the industry’s only FCRA-regulated collections solution —Accurint for Collections: Decisioning Workflow. We also offer additional solutions to help you comply with some of the most common regulation missteps: SCRA, TCPA, FCRA, consumer privacy, bankruptcy collections and others.

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This is bigger than data. This is well-being.

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