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Start collecting revenue that is owed to your agency faster and more efficiently.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of tools that optimize performance across the entire collections cycle. Leveraging billions of identity and business records and advanced linking technology, our solutions enable users to quickly prioritize accounts, locate and contact debtors, and monitor for updates to critical account information—so you can minimize searching and maximize collecting.

LexisNexis Delivers

Nationwide Coverage

A single platform with comprehensive identity and business data across the U.S. eliminates the challenges caused by siloed databases.

Debtor Contacts

Our unique identifiers and advanced linking technology identify hard-to-find debtors and deliver the most current and accurate contact information.

Prioritize Debtors

Our analytics rank and prioritize debtors to help guide your collections strategy and improve collection success rates.

Adaptable to Collections Cycles

Data freshening and updates align with collections cycles and compliance mandates to support industry best practices.

Achieve These Results

Maximize Recovered Revenue

Access to accurate identity and contact data and an optimized collections strategy results in higher volumes of collected debts.

Recover Older Debts

Identity Contact Resolution helps reduce debts labeled “uncollectable” and enables government agencies to retrieve more money from older debts.

Optimize Operations

With reliable data and debtors scored by potential contactability, fewer resources are needed to achieve increased revenue and recovery results.

Relieve Jurisdictional Tax Burdens

Through improved collections and debt off-set programs, government agencies can substantially reduce overall tax burdens.

Insights and Resources

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Hear government debt collection experts discuss the problem and how technology is changing the success rate.

Give New Life to Your Debt Off-Set Program with Identity Resolution

Resolve debtors’ identities to increase government debt recovery.

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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