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Property Tax Fraud


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Increased instances of property tax fraud are costing government agencies millions of dollars in lost revenues and driving higher taxes for at-large communities. 

Homestead exemption fraud detection technology is an identity data-driven solution that analyzes billions of records and recognizes patterns and behaviors indicative of illegal property exemption, homeowner's credit and school tax relief claims. The ability to proactively identify tax fraud empowers agencies to recover revenues lost through illegal property-based claims and alleviates the pressure of an artificially inflated tax burden on local citizens.

LexisNexis Delivers

Combat Property Tax Fraud

Overcome the jurisdictional challenges of siloed databases by leveraging billions of public records through a single platform.

Self-Reported Information

Quickly verify information submitted by taxpayers and receive notifications of suspicious information found on exemption and credit claims.

Data Linking

Reveal important hidden connections among individuals and claims through advanced data linking and unique identifiers.

Fraud Indicators

Efficiently check against multiple fraud or erroneous filing indicators, like multiple property ownership, primary residency and death and incarceration records.

Achieve These Results

Nationwide View

Data analytics technology offers transparency and visibility for greatly enhanced property tax and/or homestead exemption fraud detection and prevention.

Optimize Recovery Resource Allocation

Fraud risk and recovery scoring allows caseworkers to intelligently prioritize audit, compliance and collections     efforts.

Recover Revenues Effectively

With potential fraud and erroneous filings exposed and recovery opportunities optimized, agencies are positioned to recoup lost revenue.

Eliminate Tax Increases

Detecting fraudulent homestead claims and recovering lost tax revenue dollars reduces the overall tax burden on the community being served.

Insights and Resources

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An Identity-Driven Solution Recoups Millions In Tax Revenue

New identity analytics technology is helping some states gain a broader picture of homestead exemption claims.
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Recaptured Lost Property Tax Revenue for Fort Bend County, TX

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions’ Homestead Exemption Fraud Detection Solution recaptured $2.3M in lost revenue.
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New Property Tax Revenue Identified for Charleston County, SC

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions’ Homestead Exemption Fraud Detection Solution was used to help discover more than $2.1M in new revenue.
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New Property Tax Revenue Discovered For Three Indiana Counties

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions’ is help counties detect homestead deduction fraud and discover new revenue.
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Preventing Homestead Exemption Fraud in The Sunshine State

Deploying police detectives from nine local cities to bolster homestead fraud investigations in Miami-Dade County is reaping fast results.
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Cook County (Ill.) Sniffs Out Tax Evasion With Analytics

Read how we helped their Assessor’s Office recapture $26M in property tax fraud.

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