Detect and prevent tax refund identity fraud

Reduce the billions of dollars lost each year tied to fraudulent tax returns.

Tax Refund Identity Fraud


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Identity theft-related tax refund fraud continues to rise.

Federal and state governments lose billions of dollars each year in payments tied to fraudulent returns. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions leverages a master identity repository with over 400 million records to help tax agencies authenticate identities and screen tax refund requests before payment is made. Focusing on prevention, versus a pay-and-chase approach, reduces fraud and helps ensure legitimate taxpayers get their refunds.

LexisNexis Delivers

Multiple Data Sources

Leverages billions of identity records for a comprehensive picture of taxpayers to help verify trusted taxpayers and flag suspicious refunds.

Nationwide View

Breaks down data silos providing access to public records across states, jurisdictions and agencies.

Data Cleansing

Continually updates, enhances and validates in-agency and self-reported data by verifying information against billions of public records.

Multiple Identity Authentication

Validates identities and weeds out fraudulent returns using a multi-layered process to ensure accuracy.

Analytic Dashboard Displays

Aggregates data with visual analytics, making it easier to identify patterns and prioritize investigative workflow, saving valuable time and resources.

Advanced Linking Technology

Cross-references data from disparate sources to resolve identities; expose connections between people, businesses and assets; and detect fraudulent returns.

Achieve These Results

Prevent Tax Refund Fraud

Identify fraudulent returns before issuing tax refunds, as opposed to the more costly pay-and-chase approach.

Authenticate and Protect Taxpayers

Verify that the individual filing the tax return and requesting a refund is the real individual entitled to the refund.

Preserve Tax Revenue

Avoid delaying refund payments and potentially having to pay refunds twice by ensuring refunds only go to trusted taxpayers.

Uncover Revenue Sources

Boost revenue by eliminating improper payments to fraudsters, including those using identities of deceased, incarcerated, non-existent or synthetic individuals.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Prioritize audits to maximize resources, identify potential fraud quickly and resolve investigations.

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