The State of Patient Identity Management

Do You Have the Right Authentication Measures in Place to Prevent Patient Identity Theft?

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As part of healthcare’s digital transformation, payers and providers alike have rolled out patient portals and telemedicine platforms to improve access to care, patient engagement and decrease healthcare administrative costs. But with the increase in digital access points comes the increase in risk to those individual identities, systems and data. Healthcare organizations are challenged to provide a frictionless patient experience with layered security controls. Patient identity management is the first step in securing those access points, while providing the best patient experience to those accessing the systems.

patient identity management

To better understand how healthcare organizations are addressing those risks, LexisNexis surveyed over 100 care deliver organizations to better understand the challenges of patient identity management. Survey respondents provided insights about current best practices to secure a patient identity strategy and how organizations compare to these standards. Finally, survey respondents shared the tools, skills and partnerships needed to improve. Balancing patient engagement while ensuring security and minimizing risk.

Download our research report for full survey results, as well as expert analysis of how to put this information to use to improve how your organization approaches authentication and patient identity management.

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White Paper: The State of Patient Identity Management
patient identity management

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Infographic: Perception vs Reality: How Healthcare Needs to Pivot on Data Security
patient identity management

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White Paper

Patient Information Security for Medical Providers

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Patient Identity Management

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